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About our brand

Up’n joy a young European brand of paper straw and a guarantee of quality. Produced in several European countries, there is always a UP’nJOY production close to the consumers using European materials chosen with care using a strict and equal specification from one country to another. UP’nJOY guarantees the same quality for all European consumers, with for example straws that remain closed in the drink for a minimum of 2 hours.

Plastic will be banned early 2022 across Europe and some countries already did

We offer excellent quality and produce according to a sustainable development approach​ Therefore you have got the choice.

Without straws, which is the best environmental solution in our eyes, but have you ever tasted a virgin mojito full of crushed ice without a straw, or a good smoothie without getting a mustache?

Or take a straw out off a different material

We have seen the emergence of straws made of paper, bamboo, or made of other materials. But most of these come from Asia.

How can a paper straw that travels more than 12 000 km before arriving on the terrace of a café in Paris, Berlin, Vienna or Rome be sustainable? In addition, we have no guarantee of the non-toxicity of these straws, or even on their production conditions…

This reality led us to create Up’nJoy the European papier straw company.

Our concept

High quality straws manufactured in our own workshops in Europe, as close as possible to the places of consumption, from 100 % European components. Our production site are located less than 500 km from places of consumption. To date, we produce in France, Austria and Slovakia.Our ambition is to develop throughout Europe, regionally. The territorial anchoring of each of our sites is therefore essential.

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Short-distance delivery of our straws for a reduced carbon footprint,  protected by a recyclable cardboard box.

New product developments are underway, to further reduce our environmental impact.


The use of recyclable and compostable natural paper from sustainably managed forests and PEFC certified, printing based

foodproof inks, in accordance with European regulations.


A highly resistant paper straw of locally manufacture, produced in our own workshops in the Lower Austria, Slovacian Tatra region and the Parisian surrounding.

Our straws are produced with paper from sustainable European forests, assembled in our factories near our consumers and finally delivered to them via our sales network as soon as possible.

The high quality Up’n Joy straws will sublimate your favorite drinks for long-lasting pleasure.

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